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Skyline Productions, Inc. is a full service audio production company, located in Warren, NJ, forty minutes west of mid-town New York City. Clients include Arcadia, BMG, Blue Note, Concord Jazz, Evidence, GRP, Green Linnet, JVC, Narada, N2K, Shanachie, Telarc Jazz and Verve / Forecast. Skyline Productions is a project oriented audio recording facility offering ProTools HD recording, mixing and mastering, as well as transfer work from 24 track analog, ADAT and DTRS (Tascam) formats. In addition to this location, Skyline Productions is affiliated with Charlestown Road Studios, located in nearby Clinton, NJ. Charlestown Road offers a large room with three iso booths, custom cue mixing system, a nine foot Steinway D piano with Stanwood action and Hamburg Steinway hammers and an additional ProTools HD digital audio workstation similar to the one listed below. To book either Skyline Productions or Charlestown Road or for travel directions:

Contact: Paul Wickliffe, Tel: (732) 356-0901


Skyline Productions Equipment List

ProTools HD Accel system with 4 drive SCSI tower (over 100 Gb) and Sony DDS-4 tape drive back-up system. Numerous Firewire HDs. Two Digidesign 96 I/O audio interfaces. Plug-ins include Waves Platinum with Mastering package, Pitch n Time, Auto-tune 4, Bomb Factory Classic compressors, Focusrite d2/d3, Amp farm, etc.

Computer: Mac G4/dual 1.25 gHz processors with 640MgRAM, Dual 19" displays, plus Mackie HUI control interface.

Tape Machines: 1) Studer A80 24 trk w/ autolocator & varispeed, 1) Tascam DA-78, 1) Alesis XT 20 ADAT, 3) Fostex RD-8 ADAT's, 1) Studer B67 1/4" analog 2-trk, 1) Panasonic 3800 DAT, 1) Panasonic 3700 DAT, 1) Otari 5050 1/4" 2-track, 1) JVC TD-V661 cassette deck.

Noise Reduction: 1) Dolby A M-24 channel, 8) Dolby A-361 frames, 1) 2-chan DBX frame.

Microphones: Neumann: 1) M49 tube, 1) U47 tube, 2) U87's, 2) KM84's; AEA: R84 ribbon; AKG: 1) c422 stereo, 3) 414EB, 4) 460, 1) D-12; Sennheiser: 4) 421, 1) 815 shotgun; Sanken: 1) Sanken CMS-9 MS stereo; Shure: 3) SM-81's 1) SM-57, RCA: 1) JV-74 ribbon. +4 chan Hardy M-1 mic pre and 1) 8 channel Presonus Digimax Class A mic pres.

Outboard Equilization / Dynamic Processors: 1) Massenburg 8200 5-band parametric stereo EQ 2) UREI LA-4's, 2) DBX 160x

Reverbs: Lexicon: 1) 300, 1) PCM80, 1) LXP-1; 1) Ecoplate 3.

Monitors: 5) Mackie HR824 and 1) HRS120 Subwoofer - Dolby 5.1 Surround DTS compliant monitor system, 1 pr) Tannoy DMT-8, 1 pr) Yamaha NS-10M and 6) Fostex T-20 headphones.

Amplifiers: 1) Yamaha P-2250 - mains, 1) Onkyo Integra - headphones.

Video: 3) JVC 3/4" video decks with editing controler and jogwheel.

Syncronizers: 1) MOTU digital timepiece, 2) Lynx Time Line modules, Midisport 8x8 interface and Horita Black burst generator.

Software: Protools HDTDM 6.7, Retrospect 4.0 for back up, Final Cut Pro HD, Photoshop 7.0, GoLive 6.0, Studio Pal, plus a 300+ disc library for the samplers.

Synths & Samplers: Akai S1100 w/ 16M and S900, Casio FZ-10, CZ-101 and MIDI guitar controller, Emu Proteus 1 & 2 and Proformance 1, Korg T-2, Linn Drum MIDI, Oberheim OB-8 and DPX-1, Roland D-550 and P330, Voyetra 8, Yamaha TX802 & TX81Z.

Additional equipment: Mita photocopier, Brother Fax machine, Samsung laser printer, Epson CD printer.

Dimensions: Control Room 12' x 25', Booth 12' x 12', Producer's Office 12' x 9'.

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